When I think Dietrich one word comes to mind. Terrifying. Eyebrows in the middle of her forehead. The body of a scarecrow. A voice like an ashtray. A myriad of other things that scream run for your life. And yet. There’s something transfixing? Confidence, perhaps? Whatever Marlene Dietrich is, she owns it. As a consequence, whatever Marlene wants she gets. Especially when it comes to banana nut bread. What, you say, does banana nut bread have to do with a creature from the deep like Dietrich?

Marlene Dietrich wearing a top hat sitting at a bar in Morocco.

Dietrich looking casual in her 1930 hit “Morocco”.

Everything. For when asked to contribute a recipe to Famous Stars Favorite Foods she selected that rare American delicacy, banana nut bread. Something, one presumes, she personally prepared often. Because we can see that, can’t we? Marlene Dietrich baking & such? Her sleeves rolled up, top hat on her head, & a cigarette holder danging from one corner of her mouth. Ashing into a cantelope rind while she kneads. Carefully scraping excess dough from under her three inch nails when she’s finished. Strolling over to the liquor cabinet for a tipple while it bakes. Stumbling back to retrieve her masterpiece from the oven when done. You get the picture. And you know what? It’s a completely believable one.


Now! On to the recipe! As printed in Famous Stars Favorite Foods



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