Ever dream of collecting things you never use? I do.


James Cagney: recipe two timing (chocolate fingerprints) pumps full of lead


Jimmy Stewart: Weeps, breaks down. the injustice. Mr Potter You Fat Cats in Washington.


Mae West: Spanish Maid Lupe Corset A bobby pin & a false eyelash cascade into the ______


Ramon Navarro: gets around glancing through his cupboard catches his eye Sunmaid Raisen Girl, Calument Indian, Mrs Butterworth, Uncle Ben, So much beauty in the world? Why must I choose?

Jane Fonda: Comrade Fonda Ting Na


Ana Mae Wong: gazes intensely wills cooking in a cloud of incense. It has betrayed her, but she will bide her time.


Mia Farrow: The year is one!


Ingrid Bergman: Is she being watched?


Marlene Dietrich Marlene standing in kitchen full of mirrored cabinets



Mirrored cabinets white bearskin rug under