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Marlene Dietrich’s Sultry Banana Nut Bread

By On April 25, 2018

Morocco was followed by Dishonored (1931), a major success with Dietrich cast as a Mata Hari-like spy. Shanghai Express (1932), which was dubbed by the critics “Grand Hotel on wheels”, was Sternberg and Dietrich’s biggest box office success, becoming the highest-grossing film of 1932. Dietrich and Sternberg again collaborated on the romance Blonde Venus (1932). Dietrich worked without Sternberg for the first time in three years in the romantic…


Summer Pudding

By On April 25, 2018

Summer pudding or summer fruit pudding is a British dessert made of sliced white bread, layered in a deep bowl with fruit and fruit juice. It is left to soak overnight and turned out onto a plate. The dessert was most popular from the late 19th to the early 20th century.It first appears in print with its current name in 1904, but identical recipes for ‘hydropathic pudding’ and ‘Malvern pudding’ from…


Hot Cross Buns

By On April 25, 2018

In the Bremen area in northern Germany, a “Hedwig” (lower Saxon: heet week) was an ancient Shrove Tuesday meal. On Shrove Tuesday, the top of a Hedwig was cut off and the Hedwig was filled with a tablespoon of hot butter and cinnamon-powder. The top was put back again and the Hedwig was served in a soup plate filled with hot…


Crepes Suzette a la Starlight Roof

By On April 24, 2018

  The plans sparked concern among the city’s preservationist groups. The Art Deco Society of New York posted a notice on its website headlined “Deco in Danger,” warning that the hotel “would be gutted and turned into condos.” The group invites readers to fill out a form to go directly to Meenakshi Srinivasan, chairwoman of the New York City Landmarks Commission, to…


Fransisco de Zurbaran: Santa Margarita (1630)

By On October 21, 2015

To these rigid methods, Zurbarán is said to have adhered throughout his career, which was prosperous, wholly confined to Spain, and varied by few incidents beyond those of his daily labour. His subjects were mostly severe and ascetic religious vigils, the spirit chastising the flesh into subjection, the compositions often reduced to a single figure. The style is more reserved…

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