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December 2018


Marlene Dietrich & Banana Nut Bread

By On December 27, 2018

When I think Dietrich one word comes to mind. Terrifying. Eyebrows in the middle of her forehead. The body of a scarecrow. A voice like an ashtray. A myriad of other things that scream run for your life. And yet. There’s something transfixing? Confidence, perhaps? Whatever Marlene Dietrich is, she owns it. As a consequence, whatever Marlene wants she gets….


Ice Cream Praline from the Waldorf Astoria’s Starlight Roof

By On December 26, 2018

In 1929, the rambling old Waldorf Astoria at 5th Avenue & 33rd Street came crashing down. When the Waldorf opened, in 1893, it caused a scandal. The first “commercial” property in what was then a swank residential district, it was deliberately contrived to infuriate by William Astor. You see, William hated his aunt, Caroline & Caroline lived about 20 feet…


Shrimp Pilaf from the Drake Hotel’s Cape Cod Room

By On December 25, 2018

Once upon a time, tucked away on the ground floor of one of Chicago’s most beloved hotels, a Midwesterner could experience a little piece of olde New England.  When the Drake Hotel’s Cape Cod Room opened in 1932, it was an over night sensation. It’s locale, adjacent to the lake shore, was superb. The fish, transported by refrigerated express, was…

Clothe / Prepare

Digestive Biscuits

By On December 25, 2018

Ever dream of collecting things you never use? I do.   James Cagney: recipe two timing (chocolate fingerprints) pumps full of lead   Jimmy Stewart: Weeps, breaks down. the injustice. Mr Potter You Fat Cats in Washington.   Mae West: Spanish Maid Lupe Corset A bobby pin & a false eyelash cascade into the ______   Ramon Navarro: gets around…